Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Games


Buying Tickets

Q: What time do I have to purchase my ticket by for tonight’s draw?

Q: Can I buy WCLC lottery products over the Internet?

Q: Why can't I make a purchase on the app after updating to version 5.6.0?

Q: Should I print my name on my tickets after I buy them?

Q: I bought a ticket from another lottery region. When I try to cash them here, the terminals won't validate them. Why?

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Checking and Protecting Your Tickets

Q: What should I do if I discover a prize worth more than $1,000? How can I protect my ticket?

Q: What do I do if I have a problem checking my ticket at the store?

Q: Do you list the exact location where a winning ticket was sold?

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Claiming a Prize

Q: I’ve won a prize – how can I claim my money?

Q: If I win a major prize, do I need to have my picture taken?

Q: I purchased a ticket while visiting the Prairies and Territories. How do I claim my prize?

Q: Are lottery winnings taxable?

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Expiry Dates

Q: I found a LOTTO 6/49 ticket in my junk drawer that is over a year old. Can I still claim a prize?

Q: What happens with lottery prize money that is not claimed?

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Where Does the Money Go?

Q: Where does the money go?

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Group Play

Q: Do you have a form for lottery groups?

Q: Does WCLC require a copy of our Group Buying Agreement?

Q: What name or names should we print on the back of our group tickets?

Q: When I have our group’s tickets checked at retail, what do I get back from the retailer to show my group members?

Q: If our lottery group does win a major prize, how are the cheques distributed?

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Lottery Scams

Q: I received an email/ phone call/letter from the lottery saying that my name was selected, and I won a lottery prize. I can claim the prize if I send the necessary payment for the taxes and/or service charges associated with the prize. Is this legitimate?

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MVP Service

Q: What are the benefits of MVP Service?

Q: When I try to sign up for MVP Service, why do I see a message that says “email address is already in use"?

Q: Is the personal information I enter to register for MVP Service protected?

Q: What can I do if I no longer want to receive emails from MVP Service or if I’m going away on holidays?

About the Games:

Draws and Jackpots

Q: What time are the draws held?

Q: Where do the draws take place?

Q: How do the draws work?

Q: When the jackpot is big, why not offer several smaller prizes?

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Q: Does the Grand Number work the same as the Bonus number on LOTTO 6/49 or LOTTO MAX?

Q: Why doesn’t the top prize grow when it’s not won?

Q: How long do the annuity payments last on the top two prize categories?

Q: Do winners have to pay tax on their winnings?

Q: What if the winner chooses the annuity and dies shortly thereafter?

Q: If a winner chooses the annuity option, how often will they receive payments?

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LOTTO 6/49

Q: What are the two jackpots offered with LOTTO 6/49?

Q: How does the Gold Ball Draw work?

Q: Is the Gold Ball jackpot guaranteed?

Q: Can I pick my numbers for the Gold Ball draw?

Q: Why are the selections on my LOTTO 6/49 and WESTERN 649 ticket the same? Will this affect my odds of winning?

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Q: My number matched four numbers on one line of the MAXMILLIONS numbers. Why didn’t I win?

Q: What happens when a LOTTO MAX jackpot or MAXMILLIONS prizes aren’t won?

Q: Why are the selections on my LOTTO MAX and WESTERN MAX ticket the same? Will this affect my odds of winning?

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Q: Can I claim instant prizes before the draw takes place?

Q: Can I play POKER LOTTO without ALL IN?

Q: How big can the ALL IN jackpot get? Is it capped at a certain amount?

Q: How does the ALL IN jackpot grow?

Q: How up-to-date are the jackpots advertised at retail and on the website and mobile app?

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Q: I matched the last two EXTRA digits, but when I took it to the store, it didn’t register for a prize. Why?

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Mail Subscription Service

Q: Is a mail subscription the only way to subscribe to lottery games?

Q: What games are available by subscription?

Q: How many draws can I buy? Can I buy just one draw?

Q: How long does it take to get a mail subscription?

Q: When will my mail subscription start?

Q: How do I know if I’ve won, do you notify me or can I be set up for notifications?

Q: Can I choose to play only one draw per week with my subscription if the game has two draws per week?

Q: Do I have the option to add EXTRA to Free Plays won on a subscription?

Q: Is Direct Deposit available for mail subscription prize payments? 

Q: How do I pay for my mail subscription? 

Q: When and how do I get my prizes, and what happens if I win the jackpot?

Q: What name should go on the subscription if playing by group? Can we have a group name?

Q: Can we change the trustee for a group subscription?

Q: If I go away for the winter can I have my winning cheques mailed to an alternate address? 

Q: How will I know what numbers are on my subscription?

Q: Can I log in online somewhere to view my mail subscriptions?

Q: Can I view my mail subscriptions on the Subscription Spot site?

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Q: On the back of all scratch tickets, there is the line that states “Numbers in the area marked “CNTL. NO.” cannot be used to win a prize.”  What does this mean? 

Q: Where can I find how many prizes are still available on a certain scratch ticket?

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Q: Where can I find more information about SPORT SELECT?

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or Guaranteed $1 Million
2 Ball Remaining
Exact Match Only
Saturday, June 15, 2024
4* x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Friday, June 14, 2024

» Important!

Identifying Lottery Scams

If you’ve been contacted by someone claiming to be from WCLC, and telling you that you have won money without first purchasing a lottery ticket, this is a scam.

You can read more about such scams here.

Myth: I’ve been playing the same numbers for 20 years – they must be due to come up soon!

Fact: Draws are random, and every draw is a separate event. The numbers are not spread out along a conveyor belt with each draw bringing your set of numbers closer.  No numbers are ever “due” and persistence, in this case, makes no difference.

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