Edmonton winner nets $400,000 with THE BIGGER SPIN

Dean Borque was waiting for his son at the dentist when he stopped in at a nearby store and happened to pick up a ticket for THE BIGGER SPIN. That decision ultimately netted him a $400,000 windfall after he stepped up to THE BIGGER SPIN prize wheel on Friday.

“I never thought I’d win this,” he laughed while doing his initial prize claim interview in October. “I’ve bought THE BIG SPIN before and I’d win like $20 or $40 – but this was my first time playing [THE BIGGER SPIN].”

THE BIGGER SPIN is a new offering from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation that’s modelled after the popular THE BIG SPIN Zing ticket with one major difference; it’s…well, bigger. With prizes available of up to $1 million, the $10 THE BIGGER SPIN ticket lets players win cash prizes in the same way as with a regular scratch ticket, or they can also uncover a “Spin Win” and discover their prize through an animated prize wheel at their local Lotto Spot retailer. If their Spin Win reveals “The Bigger Spin,” they have a shot to spin the big prize wheel to determine what they’ll take home.

Bourque picked up his winning ticket at the Circle K at 4333 50th Street NW in Edmonton – when he took it home and scratched it, he revealed a Spin Win, and the next day he stopped in at a local store to see what he’d won.

“When it came up, my mind went blank,” laughed Bourque, who was snapped back to reality when the clerks excitedly let him know he’d be walking away with $10,000 that day and a date with THE BIGGER SPIN prize wheel – something he said he didn’t expect.

“I just play the lottery for the fun of it – just once a week or whenever I feel like it,” he noted. “But all it takes is one ticket to win.”

Bourque says he’s not totally sure yet what he’ll do with his windfall – but he does know one thing he wants to purchase.

“I always wanted a ’67 Chevelle – I’ve been looking at a few of them already. I like the Strawberry Red ones,” he laughed. “But if I can’t find that colour I can always get it repainted."

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1 x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Friday, May 14, 2021