The new LOTTO 6/49 is here!

LOTTO 6/49 Introduces Gold Ball Jackpot!

Each $3 LOTTO 6/49 purchase is now your ticket to play for two multimillion dollar prizes every Wednesday and Saturday!

For more infomation about the new LOTTO 6/49 and Gold Ball Draw, watch this video-- or keep reading!

Quick Facts:  

You will still receive two chances to win with every play:   

  • The Main Draw-- where six numbers are drawn from a range of 1-49-- is now called the Classic Draw. The Classic Draw jackpot will always be $5 million.   

  • The Gold Ball Draw will have a guaranteed winner with every draw. The winner will win either the guaranteed $1 million prize, or the growing jackpot that starts at $10 million. If not won, the jackpot will increase by $2 million every draw and can grow to more than $60 million!    

The odds of the Gold Ball being drawn improve with every draw, until the Gold Ball jackpot is won.   


The core elements of Lotto 6/49 remain the same:   

  • $3 per play

  • Draws remain on Wednesday and Saturday.   

  • Players can still either select their own six numbers from 1 to 49 using a selection slip or play with quick pick.    

  • There is no change to WESTERN 649 and EXTRA.

  • Players can still play Advance Play.   

  • Players will still receive a 10-digit number with every play and there is still a guaranteed winner with every draw.   

  • Odds to win any prize (on the Classic Draw) remain the same at 1 in 6.6 per $3 play.   


Other important information:

  • The first draw for the new LOTTO 6/49 will take place on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Sales for the enhanced game began on Sunday, September 11, 2022.   

  • Full Game Conditions for the new LOTTO 6/49 can be found here.

or Guaranteed $1 Million
7 Balls Remaining
Exact Match Only
Saturday, April 1, 2023
Tuesday, April 4, 2023