Manitoba man nets $125,000 with THE BIG SPIN

Congratulations to Lorne Morfoot, a Winnipeg resident who won $125,000 at his BIG SPIN event on June 23.

The journey to the windfall began with a $5 Zing instant ticket. THE BIG SPIN combines a regular scratch ticket concept with certain prize amounts revealed on an animated prize wheel at a lottery retailer. If the animated wheel reveals a “Big Spin”, the player wins $10,000 plus an additional amount to be revealed on a physical prize wheel at a Big Spin event.

Prizes on the physical wheel range from $100,000 to $500,000.

Morfoot bought his winning ticket from the St. Vital Husky at 1025 St. Mary's Road in Winnipeg. He scratched it in the store and gave it right away to the clerk to check.

“I was in complete shock when it came up as a Big Spin!” he said.

After receiving his initial $10,000 payment, Morfoot got the chance to spin the wheel to reveal his $125,000 final prize amount.

Morfoot said he didn’t have any plans for the windfall at this time, though he wants to help family.

or Guaranteed $1 Million
20 Balls Remaining
Exact Match Only
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Friday, December 9, 2022