Millionaires Galore!

It’s been a millionaire month! Across the Prairies, 25 prizes of $1 million or more have been won-- totaling over $43 million!

Many of these wins were thanks to LOTTO MAX, which had a 5 week run with a $60 million jackpot and record numbers of MAXMILLIONS. In our region during this time, 15 MAXMILLIONS were won—10 in Alberta, 2 in Saskatchewan and 3 in Manitoba.

One of the winners was Mike Manhas from Calgary, AB. He used a Free Play that he had previously won to get a LOTTO MAX ticket for the May 25 draw. He only had $1 in his pocket, so he used it to add the EXTRA, since it wasn’t enough to buy coffee. He can buy plenty of coffee now, after winning $1 million on MAXMILLIONS!

“I have been in a pretty rough spot,” he said, “so this is going to help me set up my kids’ futures. I’m going to buy a house--no more renting. And I’m going to take my kids to Disneyland!”

It wasn’t just LOTTO MAX that generated winners.  LOTTO 6/49 had three $1 million winners, two $2.5 million winners and one $9.6 million winner! 

Cheryl Hunter of Calgary was one of these LOTTO 6/49 winners.  “At first I thought I won $25,000. Then the clerk told me it was $250,000,” she remembered.  But in fact, she was one of the $2.5 million winners! She plans to have a more comfortable retirement and to travel more.

DAILY GRAND also hit the spotlight on May 31 with a top prize winning ticket sold in Alberta.  The top prize is $1,000 a day for life or $7 million.

Two WESTERN MAX tickets, winning $1 million each, were sold in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. And WESTERN 649's top $2 million prize was also won. 

Marilyn and Albert Boyd of Airdrie, AB took home the WESTERN 649 $2 million jackpot. "When I saw the big winner on the self-checker, I wasn't sure what was happening," Marilyn said. "I tried a few times before asking the clerk for some help!" They plan to share their windfall with family and retire for good. They also have something smaller in mind for their prize money-- they'd like to buy a new mattress.

Players in the West have been on quite a roll! …Will you be the next big winner?

Note: Not all of the above prizes have been claimed to date.

1 x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Friday, February 22, 2019