Janice and Randy Glays are celebrating a life-changing $60 million LOTTO MAX win. The couple won their prize on the March 31 draw.

    The couple’s win is the largest single ticket win purchased at retail in Manitoba’s history. It matches the amount of a $60 million jackpot won by a family of four Winnipeggers on a ticket sold through in January 2021.

    Randy purchased the winning ticket – a $6 quick pick – from Ascendent Lottery, located at 215 St. Anne’s Road (inside the Real Canadian Superstore). While claiming their prize, the couple laughed about a long-running inside joke they have about lottery tickets.

    “You know, I always ask Randy, ‘Why are you buying tickets?’ and he always says, ‘One day… you never know.’” she said. “Well, it’s that one day now, and we have permanent grins on our faces. This is our miracle!”

    Randy discovered the windfall when he checked the ticket in-store on a self-scanner and immediately thought he was reading the amount wrong.

    “I’ve never seen such a big number!” he laughed. “I couldn’t believe it.”

    “Right away we gave the ticket to the retailer to double-check it,” Randy continued. “We both screamed a little and hugged each other – it felt unbelievable and wonderful all at once.”

    Describing it as a “generational win”, the couple said they plan to share their massive prize with their family and spend a little bit on themselves as well.

    “It’s so life-changing,” said Janice. “And obviously not just for us. It’s going to change our family’s lives for generations.”

    “We can move from our apartment to a house with lots of space and windows,” she continued. “We can do some travelling and simply enjoy life – it’s amazing!”

    The winning LOTTO MAX numbers on March 31 were 1, 3, 26, 28, 36, 47, and 50.

    or Guaranteed $1 Million
    17 Balls Remaining
    Exact Match Only
    Saturday, June 3, 2023
    10* x $1 Million Prize
    Exact Match Only
    Friday, June 2, 2023