St. Andrews couple’s son breaks news of major LOTTO MAX win!

Rhonda and Dwayne Keller were sure their son was joking when he told them their LOTTO MAX ticket had won $147,432.90 on the December 26 draw.  

The St. Andrews couple asked their son to check the ticket on the Lotto Spot app. 

“We thought he was lying!” the winners said as they claimed their prize. “We had to check it a few times to be sure of what we were seeing!” 

The couple said they purchase LOTTO MAX tickets every week and were completely taken by surprise by this windfall. 

“It feels great,” said Dwayne. “This is a big relief – life will be a bit easier!” 

The couple said their first plan of action is to pay off all debt and take their time deciding what to do with the rest of their winnings. 

The Kellers bought their winning LOTTO MAX ticket for $6 at Harry’s Fine Foods, located at 5571 Highway 9 in St. Andrews. They won their prize by matching six of the seven main draw numbers and the Bonus number drawn on December 26 – 1, 11, 13, 17, 42, 45 and 49, and the Bonus 23. 

Download the full release and winner's photo below.

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