$100,000 EXTRA win in Hay Lakes

$100,000 EXTRA win in Hay Lakes

Hay Lakes local Theodor Hanson is $100,000 wealthier thanks to the EXTRA he added to his ticket for the October 21 WESTERN MAX draw.

Hansen was at the Hay Lakes Supermarket at 8 Main Street on the 21st when he decided to pick up his ticket for the WESTERN MAX draw later that evening. He won by matching the last six digits of the winning EXTRA number – 5060879.

Hansen and his daughter-in-law returned to the same store when he decided to check his tickets. He scanned his ticket using the self-checker and discovered his $100,000 windfall, but then checked his ticket an additional three times – just to be sure.

The happy winner has some plans for his windfall.

“I’m going to put it in the bank and invest it,” he said

Whitecourt locals claim $100,000 EXTRA prize

Amber and Russel Palmateer took home $100,000 after they matched the last six digits to the winning EXTRA number for the October 28 LOTTO MAX draw.

The next day, they scanned their ticket using the Lotto Spot app, and were shocked by what they saw.

“When I first scanned it, I thought it was only $100,” Russell recalled as he claimed his prize. “I had to scan it again and still didn’t believe it.”

The happy winners said they plan to use their windfall towards debt.

The winners purchased their tickets from Flying J at 5329 Govenlock Mountain Road in Whitecourt a few hours before the draw. They matched the winning EXTRA number - 3773488

“It’s a relief,” Russell added.


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