"It really pays to go ALL IN!"

Garnet Smith is reveling in his decision to add ALL IN to his POKER LOTTO ticket on February 14. Thanks to that additional $1 purchase, he saw his win prize jump from $10,000 to $117,936.60.

“I like to add ALL IN when the jackpot is high, but I didn’t realize that I won it at first,” he said. “I saw I had a good hand and thought I won something good.

“When I realized I won, I thought, ‘Wow! It really pays to go ALL IN!’”

The Clavet resident purchased his $3 POKER LOTTO ALL IN ticket at Preston Crossing Sobeys, located at 1739 Preston Avenue North in Saskatoon. His hand formed a Royal Flush, winning $10,000 plus the $107,936.60 ALL IN jackpot.

The happy winner said he has a few plans for his winnings.

“I’m going to pay off my mortgage and buy a new camper,” he said.

The winner said he also plans to use his windfall to help his family.

1 x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Tuesday, May 28, 2019