Super Slots


Play the slots- on your ticket and in an E-PLAY game on your device!

SUPER SLOTS combines a traditional scratch experience with an online slot machine-like game:

  • Scratch the top ticket portion for a chance to win prizes up to $150,000!
  • To play the online game, scratch the E-PLAY area at the bottom of your ticket to reveal a QR code and E-PLAY access code. You will need a device with internet access to play the game.
  • Follow the prompts to play the E-PLAY game. Press the question mark icon (?) for Play Instructions and Game Features.

If your device has a QR code or barcode scanner:

Scan the QR code. This will automatically open your web browser and start the game.

No QR code or barcode scanner?

Visit then click PLAY. Enter the Access Code you uncovered in the E-PLAY portion of your ticket.

The Access Code consists of eleven characters and is directly below the QR Code.


  • To claim any prize won on the E-PLAY game, you must present the SUPER SLOTS ticket at an authorized lottery retailer and have the ticket validated.
  • You don't need to complete the E-PLAY game to find out if you've won. The outcome for both portions is predetermined and coded into the ticket. If you're unable to access the E-PLAY portion, you can check your ticket through any ticket checker or ask your retailer to check it for you.

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    1 x $1 Million Prize
    Exact Match Only
    Wednesday, August 12, 2020
    Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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    » Remember...

    Don't accidentally throw a winner away!

    Always check your Zing (SCRATCH 'N WIN) tickets! The winning or non-winning status of a ticket - and the ability to claim a prize - does not change if you make a mistake when scratching it. So, make sure you use the self-service Ticket Checker or ask a Retailer to check your ticket for you before discarding it.